Our Story

It all began in 1992 when Frederico Viliermo opened the first mexican food restaurant in Newark, DE. Nowadays it's a restaurant chain that offers authentic food, friendly atmosphere and good service. We hope that our restaurant will be a place where guests of all ages could come together to experience the unique flavors,along with the art and culture of Mexico - all in a casual setting.

our values

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  • We will always treat everyone in our company equally & with the utmost respect, knowing that every individual has unique worth.
  • We are dedicated to serving only freshly prepared food, to keeping our restaurants spotless & to providing exceptional service at all times.
  • We will have fun working in our restaurants & our guests will feel the high-energy, yet laid-back atmosphere.
Fresh delivered  produce

Fresh delivered produce

Our mission is to make you happy, healthy and more free to pursue your passion. One of ingredients of our success is fresh, natural and delicious products. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, risus a elementum. Curabitur id ipsum dolor vitae vel, quisque massa nunc arcu vitae. Non in, consectetuer at elit nec integer quis mauris, sit pharetra tristique aliquet tellus orci…

We’re passionate about food!

We’re passionate about food!

Our team have one thing in common – we are passionate about food! That is why our dishes made with great care and attention to details. And we want to share this passion with you! Just come and try our food!Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, risus a elementum. Curabitur id ipsum dolor vitae vel, quisque massa nunc arcu vitae. Non…

Cocktail with Shrimps!

Cocktail with Shrimps!

It’s a fantastic mix of cucumber, celery, red onions, avocados and lots of shrimp. Perfect for dipping, or eating with a spoon. It excellent goes with tortilla chips or saltines. Accumsan ut, quam vitae nec accumsan a velit, enim ipsum cras nibh amet nibh massa, scelerisque condimentum lectus pellentesque. Auctor consectetuer nullam. Enim nec justo platea libero, magnis tellus urna…